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The world I'm dedicated to building is anti-racist, queer, life sustaining, and a magnet for collective liberation. In this world, land is returned to indigenous people and sovereignty of tribes is respected. There are no prisons or jails or detention centers or police. Everyone's needs are met.

We are steeped in white supremacy culture, and that means we don’t yet live in the world that we're dreaming up, a world I know is possible. Our movements for justice that are wide ranging in their strategies and tactics gives me hope that we can get there.

And, I’ve seen the culture in our movement spaces perpetuate the same white supremacy culture that we are trying to move beyond (see more here). Taking sustainable action to build cultures that truly empower and include all people requires consistent support & skill development. I have dedicated myself to doing this work & honing my skills to support others doing this work of nurturing empowered communities.

What does it mean to nurture an empowered community?

When I say nurture cultures that are deeply empowering for all people, I mean that we are able to not only invite all kinds of people into our teams, but we are able to support them to bring their unique contributions forward with relative ease. We’re embodying the antidotes to white supremacy culture, not the characteristics of white supremacy culture. This might look like:
Providing compassionate space for feedback and hearing different viewpoints and strategiesActually being open to adjusting how we do things so that less people are left out and more people can participateShifting the way we are with mistake making, so that it’s seen as natural and an opportunity for growth rather than something to prevent/punish at all costsBeing clear about the results we are looking for even in the short term when it feels like culture change can take foreverCentering the very way we BE with our work. It’s not just about doing the just thing but doing it in a just way. The energy we bring to our work is contagious and makes a difference.Actively inviting people into the work in a way that shows them they are not only welcome but they belong and they are needed.
If this sounds like something that could benefit you, your team or organization, I would love to chat with you. The first session is free, and we will:
Support you to get clarity on your vision for your organization/teamIdentify what is currently getting in the way of taking actionExplore how working together might be able to support you on your journey of building the organization you dream of

More about me & Who I love to work with

Client Testimonials

jordan lindsay

More about me & the folks I love to support

Who do I love to support most?

Team Members Shepherding in New Leaders/ Organizers/ Movement Builders

I’m inspired to work with individuals and teams who are passionate about building a world that is deeply inclusive and supportive for all people. I specialize in supporting organizers, activists, and teams who are struggling to consistently and skillfully shift organizational culture that may be getting in the way of effective change work. I also support these folks to connect more deeply to the way they are being with their work so they are actively experiencing the world they are working so hard to create. Throughout my work, my priority is to support teams to dismantle systemic oppression in their campaigns and team culture.

Queer Creatives Making a Social Impact

I love supporting queer creatives who are dedicated to making a social impact with their work. As a queer creative, I know how difficult it can be to create what is most on your heart and share it with the world, especially if you are telling yourself that it is more of a contribution to do something else. Our movements need your art & your creative spirit to thrive, and I want to support you to go for that creative dream that has been taking a backseat to the other things in your life.

Who am I?

I am a white, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, facilitator, organizer, coach, abolitionist and creative with more than ten years of organizing experience ranging in fields from environmental, to food, and labor justice. Over the past decade, I have organized professionally with organizations like Greenpeace, AmeriCorps, and the Graduate Employees Union at Michigan State University. I am currently located in Lansing, MI, on Anishinaabe ancestral lands.

What wisdom do I draw on in my work?
Much of my work across those fields centers the wisdom in this document, Characteristics of White Supremacy document by Tema Okun. It has been foundational to my approach to supporting teams to dismantle systemic oppression in their campaigns & team culture. I have been serving as an organizer coach for 6 years across multiple organizations.

I also am a student of Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown..

I graduated from the Coach Training Program with the Academy for Coaching Excellence and I'm an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Current Offerings:
Free discovery session to clarify your vision for what is next for your life and to see if working together is a good fit to get you there6 month contract (12 sessions) for one on one coachingCustom designed group coaching for teams & organizations
Send questions to [email protected]

Some of my past public workshops & group offerings

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Client Testimonials

"When I met Jordan, I was at a crossroads. For decades, I had followed my passions and was effectively developing movement strategies. However, I had no strategy for my own career nor had taken the time to develop personal or professional goals. After years of hard work, I was fortunate to be confronted with numerous opportunities. However, I lacked clarity about which path to choose. Jordan guided me through the process of decluttering my thinking. Rather than provide me with advice, they created a space where I was able to find my own truth. I am grateful to Jordan for helping me chart my own path toward both life and career success. Because Jordan has a particular talent guiding people to make their own decisions, their approach is particularly well suited for people in leadership positions. I recommend Jordan to anyone seeking a coach. "- Steven Decaprio, State Director for Sierra Club Alabama

“Coaching with Jordan helped me uncover the clarity I was seeking about my career and social justice work. Their energy and care for me and my work helped me believe in what I am trying to accomplish. Working with Jordan helped me feel uplifted, empowered and ready!“ - Lydia Weiss, Climate & Response Program Administrator, MSU

“Working with Jordan has been and continues to be an experience of consistent self-realization and overcoming. Through the methods they have demonstrated, I continue to find success in identifying and working around thought patterns that do not support my vision and my true self according to my standards of integrity. Jordan creates an environment that is safe, supportive, and conducive to growth on all levels of being. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Jordan and to uncover our client/coach relationship.” - Andrew Allen, Creator of TREWLife Humanity

“Jordan navigated my inner dialogue that was holding me back from living the life I knew I wanted and deserved. They held the space with care yet ambition and I know I'd be stuck in the past if I didn't sign up for coaching with Jordan. I'm so grateful for the mindset I gained in everyday life as a result of coaching with Jordan. I own my present and future now” - Lisa D.

“As an environmental activist, I often face burnout as I balance what seems like the fate of our collective futures with my personal obligations in my immediate future. With compassion and curiosity, Jordan has introduced me to new ways of viewing my actions, always inviting joy into our sessions! They have guided me through activities that give me agency to act on my values by inviting me to truthfully reflect on my behaviors and think creatively about my next actions!” - Kelly Eubank, environmental activist

“Jordan's coaching has been invaluable! They provided me with the tools to identify my own roadblocks and to overcome them with concrete action. My engagement in my organization has become more effective since working with Jordan.” - Kenyon, Graduate Employees Union

“Jordan’s coaching helped my group and me to be more open, vulnerable, and caring. With their guidance, we were able to further commit ourselves to create a more just and loving world. “ Pat O’Grady, History Department Steward, Graduate Employees Union

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